David Chan

Artist, Adjunct lecturer at National Institute of Education and School of Arts Design and Media, Founder of Art Project Lab LLP, Artist Mentor (NAC), Pathfinder (MOE).

David Chan is a full-time artist and also an earnest arts educator. In 2004, he won the 23rd UOB Painting of the Year – Representational Medium Category Award. Comfortable in both sculpture and painting, his subject matters revolve around human behavior and representations of social commentary. David has exhibited in a number of countries including, China, America, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, and in 2011 his work was selected for the 54th Venice Biennale at the Fondazione Claudio Buziol, the same work traveled to the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam in Netherlands the next year.

Apart from making art, David also lectures at National Institute of Education and School of Art Design & Media in Nanyang Technological University. He is currently an Artist Mentor with National arts council and also a Pathfinder with Ministry of Education. 

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